What is financial stress and how to avoid it

The impact of the pandemic on the economy remains one of the main concerns of Argentines, in addition to the uncertainty of the future of the country. In this situation, poor financial health can lead to physical health problems. Unexpected expenses and the inability to save are often factors that can trigger stress, anxiety, and other disorders.

“To avoid falling into this situation, it is important to have financial responsibility, that is, to make correct and rational use of income. It is a process that is learned, it is called financial education, and it serves to manage money productively,” explained Florencia Valdes, Marketing Manager of Adelantos.com.

6 keys to avoid falling into financial stress, be prepared for when economic crises are coming:

  1. Identify problems and put together a budget.
    2. Control of Expenses.
    3. Unify expenses.
    4. Look forward.
    5. Financial education.
    6. Have a positive attitude and maintain financial stability.

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