Tips for making the aguinaldo yield

We know it’s a great respite, a relief from the backpack of monthly expenses that we carry...

We know it’s a great respite, a relief from the backpack of monthly expenses that we carry, but what should we do with this income? Do we spend everything and go back to zero? Do we invest it?

To find out what to do with the aguinaldo, the experts of created a list with six tips to guide you and make you yield the aguinaldo to the last penny.

1) Goodbye debts: It’s not the most exciting thing but it’s gratifying to know that you were able to cancel the debts and reduce the financial burden that worries you so much. It’s the first thing you should do, think about it.

2) If you can, save it: As if it were a godsend, save it and forget that it exists. This income may be very useful in the future. You have the option of traditional fixed term, the convertible to UVA, buy foreign currency or some durable good that does not lose value.

3) Moderate spending: You come struggling with the cell phone and you know that it can’t stand one more photo. Now it’s time to make the change.  Or give yourself another treat that gives you satisfaction, like some new speakers. Check out promotions on digital sites that always have good prices and financing.

4) Sales, discounts, 50% off: In June, Father’s Day is celebrated and in several shops or services there are very good offers. Take your time to compare different options, costs and extra expenses.

5) Jackson Pollock of the aguinaldo: If the moisture stain on the ceiling acquired a new abstract style do not hesitate to invest the aguinaldo in a good paint and all the elements you need to make the surface is impeccable again. Paint shop usually has promotions during the weekend and online shopping, so be prepared to buy at the best price.

6) Get ahead of gifts: If you saw a product that is at a discount and is ideal to give to a family member or friend. Buy it now and save it for when the occasion comes.

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