The offer of short courses to enter the digital finance industry grows

Courses, short careers and different types of specializations are part of the new educational offer to train workers in the digital finance industry (fintech), a sector whose demand for work has grown at a rate of 40% annually since 2017 and that, it is expected to employ more than 20,000 Argentines by the end of the year.

Even so, the pace of job creation is finding it difficult to generate trained personnel to fill them, both in the technical and programming sectors and in the areas of product design and analysis.

“We are trying to generate more and more a labor demand that is prepared for this type of work and that can continue to feed the industry and thus have a model ecosystem in Latin America”, Matías Friedberg, co-founder of Ixpandit and director of the Argentine Chamber of Fintech (CAF).

“We try to mix the theoretical part of the universities with the practical ones that companies contribute and, thus, offer training in technical and management aspects, so that more and more people are preparing to go to work in a fintech”, Friedberg explained.

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