The fintech that give credits were not saved: demand fell and they restricted supply

In recent months, credit has plummeted both due to supply constraints and lower demand. In addition, there was an increase in non-performing loans, which in consumer loans reached 5.4%. The situation crossed the entire financial system and most of the fintechs that are dedicated to granting loans were also affected.

In Adelantos by Ixpandit, meanwhile, they agreed with their colleagues that the PASO were the catalyst of recent months and led companies to decrease supply, while increasing demand. “Maintaining the offer, we doubled the number of requests on the site. Twice as many people came in this month as before the PASO. That is a sign of the increase in demand but, above all, of the decrease in supply,” said Matías Friedberg, co-founder of the firm.

Fintechs also acknowledged that the demand for loans increased after the PASO.


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