Technology can be exported because there is local talent

“The quarantine brought an acceleration in digitalization, encouraging the adoption of different ways of meeting financial needs and gives a very important place for technology to continue its work of inclusion and innovation.”

This was argued by Matías Friedberg, co-founder of Ixpandit Fintech Factory,in the panel on Argentine Fintech Ecosystem, in the third edition of Argentina Fintech Forum.


Matías Friedberg highlighted that: “this year was key to raising awareness of the importance of the fintech industry for the country. Not only is there a role of financial inclusion, but there is also a lot of innovation that generates quality, competitive, export employment with little training time. Argentina has to become a technology exporting country given the important human capital we have. We have an entrepreneurial gene that is what is needed to innovate and generate infrastructure for other industries.”


On the future of the Fintech industry, the co-founder of Ixpandit Fintech Factory said that: “This industry is fundamental for the country, it is a source of innovation and a generator of quality employment and exporter. In spite of everything, it continues to grow. From the Chamber, we continue with the strategy of generating a robust and reference ecosystem in the region”.


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