How to organize finances after a divorce

In 2019, 123,400 marriage bonds were registered. In 2020, just 3,861 pandemics. That same year, at CABA alone, 4,480 couples divorced.

“There is no doubt that when two people decide to break their marriage bond, they must reorganize many aspects of their life and one of them is to restructure their economic situation. When joint liabilities must be cancelled, each member can take out an individual credit and take their share independently,” says Florencia Valdes, marketing manager of, which provides 4 tips for making an orderly transition from couple to personal finances.

  1. A clean slate: talk and reach an agreement to solve the expenses they have together.
  2. Settle joint debts: talk about it and set a convenient payment plan for both of you.
  3. Rethink the budget: restructure the budget to have a clear perspective of the personal economy.
  4. Saving to power: not making large operations but thinking about starting a project to generate new investment, savings or emergency funds.

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