Argentine fintechs estimate to create 5,600 jobs with salaries of up to $200,000

The Argentine Chamber of ‎‎Fintech‎‎ presented a report on the evolution of employment...

‎The Argentine Chamber of ‎‎Fintech‎‎ presented a report on the evolution of employment in the fintech ecosystem in 2021, in which it estimated that by the end of the ‎‎year 5,600 new jobs will be created. This is a sector where ‎‎wages‎‎ reach up to $200,000.‎

‎The study shows that the fintech sector employs some 14,728 people among the 9 verticals that make it up [Digital Payments, Credits, Technology Provider, B2B Services, Blockchain & Crypto-Assets, Investments, Insurtech, Crowdfunding and Computer Security], and 52% of the jobs generated are for the areas of Technology and Digital Product.‎

‎”Since the creation of the Argentine Chamber of Fintech, we have promoted from different aspects the education and generation of new jobs to boost the ecosystem. Argentina has many qualified specialists, not only to meet the demand but also for the creation of new areas, “says Matías Friedberg, co-founder of Ixpandit Fintech Factory member of the Argentine Chamber of Fintech and responsible for the academic area.‎

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