Matías Friedberg: “We still have to understand the role of fintechs in the different aspects of the industry”

TyN Magazine conducted an interview with Matías Friedberg, Co-Founder of Ixpandit Fintech Factory and member of the Argentinean Chamber of Fintech, who moderated the “Fintech en la Academia” panel within the framework of the Argentina Fintech Forum meeting held in Córdoba. last week. The executive told about the expectations he has for this industry for the next 5 years and which he believes are the main reasons why the Fintech market is growing.

What is your assessment of your participation in Argentina Fintech Forum?

The balance is very positive. There was a lot of enthusiasm for the Fintech industry in the interior of the country and the fact that these types of meetings continue to be made contributes to the federalization of the industry.

How is the Fintech ecosystem relating to the academic environment?

It shows a great growth in that subject. From the Argentina Chamber Fintech we believe that it is essential to add the academy to the discussion, with the aim of creating a Fintech ecosystem that is a reference in the region. Many universities began to give programs related to Fintech last year and from the camera we tried to bring them the experiences of the industry with the intention that the academy and the private sector work in a coordinated manner. On the other hand, other universities did not have developed programs and we worked together to be able to put them together. The case of the Executive Program of the University of San Andrés is an example of the latter, where the camera was associated with the university to give the program.

How do you think the Fintech industry is moving in Latin America and, especially, in Argentina?

In Latin America there are very rapid advances and investments accompany. The announcement of Soft Bank to put together a fund of USD 5 billion focused on technology for Latin America is an example of this. Brazil, Mexico and Colombia are the leading countries at the moment regarding Fintech and companies are maturing. Argentina is coming a bit slower due to the situation in the country, but the quality of human resources is very high and its potential undeniable.

What are the expectations you have for this market for the next 5 years?

I have a lot of enthusiasm for what can come. Technology comes to improve the life of the end user, that is a fact. But there are still things to be revealed. We still have to understand the role of the fintechs in the different aspects of the industry, how they will cooperate with the new digital banks and what role the Big Techs will have like Facebook, Apple, among others. The good thing is that the winner is the end user and financial inclusion should increase.

What do you think are the main reasons why the Fintech market is growing?

The Digital Revolution generated very profound changes in the consumer. It is always connected, it is more demanding, it demands personalized content and looks for simplicity, speed and transparency. The Fintechs usually understand it very well and its structure gives them enough agility to propose the relationship that the consumer demands.



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