Meeting of fintechs companies and the academy to strengthen the regional ecosystem

Researchers from different universities will meet with the fintechs to present their achievements and innovative proposals.

Buenos Aires, February 17, 2020.-  On Wednesday, February 19, at the C3 Library at the Technological Scientific Pole (Godoy Cruz 2320, Palermo), from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm, a meeting will be held between different academic areas and companies Fintechs to enhance their efforts in an industry in constant expansion.

The meeting promoted by Matías Friedberg, Co-founder of by Ixpandit and responsible for linking the Argentine Chamber of Fintech with the Academy, is held with the aim of promoting convergence between the scientific-technological system, the productive structure of the City and the fintech sector as a relevant factor for economic development.

During the day, researchers from the UBA, de la Plata, CONICET, Tandil, among others will be present. As well as companies that are part of the Argentine Chamber Fintech.

“To be able to expand and achieve a strong Fintech ecosystem and reference in the region, we must involve and coordinate four fundamental pillars: the private sector, the public, the public of interest and the academy, promoter of talent,”  explains Matías Friedberg, coordinator of the meeting.

The researchers will present the different fields on which they work, their capabilities and the possibility of being applied in the fintech industry. The exposure of the projects together with the skills of the scientists produces the approach towards a rising ecosystem. For entrepreneurs, it is the ideal space to generate synergies, meet innovative proposals and high-level technological developments.

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