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Argentines’ pockets were hit hard during 2020.

Argentines’ pockets were hit hard during 2020. With inflation that closed at 36% and poverty that reached 40%, plus the inevitable consequences of the pandemic, they saw how maintaining their purchasing power became an impossible mission.

Although all industries had to reconvert or think of ways to survive, the fintech sector resisted the onslaught of the complex last year firmly and positioned itself as one of the areas that was most promoted during the isolation policies .

At the height of digital tools, they were driven by their “agile gene” and user-centered vision to reach a large portion of the population that was historically relegated by banking and excluded from financial services.

One of the ” green shoots ” is the segment of online loans , an area to which almost 30% of all firms affiliated to the Fintech Chamber are dedicated , which clearly shows a need neglected by the traditional and broad-growing sector to local level.

“This business unit had a 2020 volatile during the first half of the year there were. Two events that negatively affected to the sector: the regulation interbank debits, as a form of collection, and the pandemic , ” says a iProUP Matías Friedberg, co – founder



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