Credits for WhatsApp, quick and very easy: which companies ask for money if you have the card full

Fintech came to the rescue after a very complicated year for the pockets of Argentines through credit companies that offer fast money. Argentines are faced with a new problem: the scarce purchase limits to “card”. After an extremely complex 2020 for the pocket and with a sharp fall in real income, many plastics are “exploited” of expenses and, as if that were not enough, the banks did not update the amounts, which limits consumption and the acquisition of products in installments.

“There is an increase in the demand for credits during 2021, mainly as a result of a drop in real wages. In addition, since the last quarter of 2020 there has been an increase in applications, “agrees in dialogue with iProUP Matías Friedberg, co-founder of, of Ixpandit Fintech Factory.

Ixpandit Fintech Factory details that the credits taken on its platform are mainly intended for debt cancellation (39%).

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