Burnout syndrome: they warn that it will be the 2023 pandemic

Recently several pollsters have submitted reports on the rise of Burnout Syndrome. Although this condition is not something new, it increased its levels and exposed them because of the pandemic, the change of work modality and the relationship with work.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified Burnout Syndrome as a disease in January 2022 and considers Burnout as the pandemic of next year because it modified and made visible many situations, while employees began to prioritize their mental health.

“It is a chronic, untreated stress successfully created in the workplace. It means that there were previous alerts that were not resolved, meanwhile, when we have Burnout we are already late, “warns psychologist Valeria Fabris, (M. N. 68220, Bachelor of Psychology and Business Administration), who helped and worked with employees to seek harmony with hybrid work and create a concept of resilience in the face of adversity.

Burnout “affects both emotionally and mentally and physically, and is different in each person. In the post-pandemic context with an unstable market and economy, with higher levels of anxiety and depression, today Burnout is on the table”.

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