Five apps that help control daily expenses

In these times, more and more people have difficulty planning their expenses.

That’s why the experts of put together a list of 5 very useful applications to organize the economy. “There are many applications for the control of expenses that provide multiple solutions, for example, plan personal finances, methods to save or create alerts to not overspend. From that universe we chose 5 for its ease of use, efficiency and speed. But the important thing is that the user looks for the one that best suits their needs”, says Florencia Valdes, Marketing Manager of

The list of apps to use on IOS or Android devices:

  • Daily expenses: it records money movements by date and then reviews the daily, monthly, or annual totals in the reports.
  • Fudget: is a budget planner were you add your monthly income and each of the expenses you make daily. On the same screen, the expenses are subtracted to give you a balance of how your financial statement is.
  • Monefy: is a financial organizer and finance tracker. Every time you buy a coffee, pay a bill or make a daily purchase, you just have to add the expenses.
  • Splitwise: it is an application that is used to keep accounts and divide expenses between friends, family, colleagues or partner. In a simple way, you will be able to see how much you owe, how much they owe you, your budget, the bills you have to pay and the monthly financial expense.
  • Toshl: this tool that, in addition to carrying the budget, also allows you to include bank charges to gather all the financial information in one place.

From the company clarify that it is important to consider that there are free and paid versions of all apps, both for phones and computers. The fundamental thing is to become aware and ask for help to improve financial habits, even more so in times as problematic as the current ones: goodbye debts; save it; moderate spending; spare parts; and advance gifts

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