3 tips to save on the next electricity bill

How to take care of electricity consumption at home

According to data from two surveys conducted with users of Adelantos.com, in 2021, between 15% (May 2021) and 7.5% (July 2021) of users of the platform requested a digital loan to pay services.


Considering these figures, there are some recommendations to take care of the electricity consumption of the home:

1) The appliances with the highest electricity consumption in the kitchen are:

Water heaters.
But there are also other appliances in a house such as air conditioning, iron and washing machine that demand greater consumption.

2) Refrigerators are an artifact that must be plugged in and running throughout the day unlike others that are used intermittently. To choose models with efficient consumption, it is essential to know how to interpret the energy labels that come on the equipment.


There are 3 categories:

  • Better energy efficiency: A+++, A++, A+
  • Moderate energy efficiency: A, B
  • Poor energy efficiency: C, D


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